About us

Welcome to the sea world.


My story started in 1976 as a young fisherman’s son. We spent all summers on the coast and curiosity have led me to explore croatian islands lengthwise and crosswise. When I became independant by myself, I found children’s fishing net and didn’t go anywhere without it. This was the beginning of my love for the sea, its flora and fauna and everything which is connected to marine spirit.

Later on I was developing my own adventure  fishing spirit with many other fishing skills and maily improved with speargun. Speargun becomes my basic live & life equipment. It is my pride and pleasure that I have caught all kinds of fish that exist in the Adriatic sea.

In 35 years of experience sea became my second home and often I consider it as first home. At the moment I am on the top level of fishing, Big Game Fishing, which is often referred to as offshore sportfishing, offshore gamefishing, or blue-water fishing. It is a form of recreational fishing, targeting large fish renowned for their sporting qualities, such as tuna.

My other love is cooking and culinary is my core business over the last 20 years. I enjoy in art of preparation, cooking and presentation of food. With my knowledge of food science, nutrition and diet, I opened restaurants in Slovenia along with catering all over Europe. Despite hard work I still find time for my friends, who are my inspiration for life. I also consider custumers as my friends, what gives me pleasure and full life.


For Big Game Fishing we use several techniques

• Drifting• Trolling• Bottom fishing• Vertical Jigging• Chumming/chunking


What is important

• exploring ourselves,• keep in touch with nature all the time,• open sea experience when whole day you don’t see shore• everything is happening far away from civilization,• peace & quite…

Why choose us?

Our boat

Meringa is 10,50 m long and 4,00 m wide boat who can speed up to 20 knots.

Accomodation & activities

Our location is in Medulin, a small town in Istrian peninsula in Croatia.


Join us now in the adventure off the coasts and get in touch with us.


Have you ever had a chance of catching the fish of your dreams? Now you have a chance …
so don’t hesitate and give us a call, write an e-mail or stay up to date with all the latest news.

PHONE: +386 31 357 751
E-MAIL: booking@big-game-fishing-istra.com

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